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The growing list of subscribers and renewing subscribers supports the claim that Analysing Agriculture is one of the few true quality information services available for agriculture. Because we take a short as well as long term view of trends, we provide the best understanding, to dedicated readers of our work, of the major trends and issues.
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Analysing Agriculture has been providing independent agricultural analyses and reports to a growing number of agriculturalists for over 20 years.
One of the keys to keeping up to date in an information saturated world is to ensure you choose to read well researched and accurate fundamental information interpreted by an author who has spent a lifetime in agriculture and agricultural education. Notice there are no ads and the information is free of any market or political bias or influence. To find this quality of up-to-date information in a world of vested interests is rare indeed.
Its output is for agricultural producers, processors, marketers, commodity analysts, students and any others interested in a better knowledge of the trends and structure of the world's agricultural industries.
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"Of all the Agricultural information services, John's had a superior understanding of world trends and a better analysis of individual commodities and their impact on farm profitability" - Farm Consultant, NSW 
"I have been a subscriber to Analysing Agriculture for some years now. It is one of very few sources of information that I allow into my office.” - Farm Manager, WA is designed to help keep you up to date with the major trends in the world of agriculture to enable you to better position your business to optimize profit opportunities.
Only you can determine your business direction but decisions need to be made with as full knowledge as possible of the factors likely to affect that decision. is your key to accessing this vital information.
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 “I prize Analysing Agriculture very highly and reflect on your opinions at some length” - Agricultural Adviser, WA
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