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Please register as a User with Analysing Agriculture and then login to download any or all of the analyses and reports shown to the right. Click on any file to go to the registration page. Once registered you should login and then be able to download any file of interest from the free downloads list.


The growing list of subscribers obviously demonstrates that more and more are finding the information, data and analyses provided by Analysing Agriculture of value to their business decision making.


Please feel free to download and take some time to carefully read the results of my work. Most of the commentary is supported by considerable research except where it is obviously an opinion.


The aim of these analyses is to provide those with an interest in agriculture with a comprehensive understanding of the structure of most of the world's major industries. There is no other source that will provide you with such an overview that is up to date.


A full list of current analyses is shown in the Shop and all are available for the nominal subscription fee of A$100 (plus GST if an Australian registration).