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 About Analysing Agriculture

About Analysing Agriculture


We are an information site, offering subscriptions for newsletters and analyses. The following information details our product offering.


The Analysing Agriculture Newsletter


This comprises 12 pages of detailed analysis, including up to 25 graphics, covering long and short term trends. It is concise and concentrates on the key factors affecting the prospects for each commodity.


Full Subscribers are naturally amongst the more successful in their respective pursuits as they know well informed decision making leads to more profitable businesses.


  • Each issue updates the trends of all the main rural commodities (wool, wheat, coarse grains, soybeans, canola, lamb and mutton, beef and cotton) providing an analysis based on both fundamental and technical factors.
  • Each issue contains a major analysis of one commodity plus a brief on each of the other commodities as well as an overview of macroeconomic conditions and interest rate trends.
  • Valuable insights for all those with an interest in up to date trends in the world's major agricultural industries or whose business relies on quality information for its success.
  • The fact that the newsletter has been in production monthly for almost 20 years is testimony to its value to its long term subscribers.


The Analyses


More detailed analyses on each commodity or on an aspect of a particular commodity are also available to full subscribers or to subscribers to the Wheat Industry Analyses or Beef & Cattle Industry Analyses sites. Special Analyses and Reports on other commodities or financial or economic subjects are available to subscribers to the Special Analyses and Reports section. 


These studies give a comprehensive overview of the structure of each of the industries covered and are kept relatively up to date as circumstances change. Each study is essential reading for anyone wishing to be up to date with world production, consumption and market trends in their industry.


Beef Analyses


A series of individual country beef and cattle analyses is available. These are in Excel format and contain records for over 35 years depending on availability with graphics of the main trends embedded in each spreadsheet. An ideal source of data on the main beef countries of the world. You can download the Russian data base as an example from the free download area.

These are available to Full Subscribers and Beef and Cattle Industry Analyses Subscribers.


Beef and Cattle Industry Analyses subscribers also have access to special reports published periodically on the beef or meat industries which add to a fuller understanding of the world beef scene.


Wheat Analyses


A series of individual country, including the world, wheat data bases is also available. These analyses are in Excel format and contain records for up to 48 years depending on availability with graphics of the main trends embedded in each spreadsheet. An ideal source of data on the main wheat countries of the world. Now 15 countries plus the total world wheat are available and are included in a Full Subscription or available exclusively to subscribers to the Wheat Industry Analyses.


All databases, analyses and the monthly newsletter are available to Full Subscribers so why not consider a full subscription.


Special Analyses and Reports


Further analyses and reports are prepared periodically on other aspects of world agriculture. These can be obtained by a subscription to the Special Analyses and Reports section or are available to Full Subscribers. These reports and analyses cover individual industry studies on commodities such as coarse grains, oil seeds, canola, soybeans, cotton, wool and financial events impacting on agriculture.


Currently a series on the effects of the global cash crisis on agriculture is being published.


Check the Analyses and Reports drop down in the menu bar for details of the Special Analyses and Reports.




We are currently refining our site although all the subscription functions are fully operational and secure so you can confidently subscribe if you so wish.

Contact: Analysing Agriculture, PO Box 115, Millthorpe NSW 2798, AUSTRALIA, Fax 61 2 6365 5222, Email: