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AnalysingAgriculture.com - Concise agricultural economic analyses.

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We provide frequent analysis of the major agricultural commodities
and expertly researched concise reports on current global agricultural trends.

 Clear and concise independant analyses of important agricultural issues
Years of historical data
Easy to read charts, relevant data and explanations

Now in our 21st year

Find out about the extensive experience our Chief Editor Emeritus Professor John W. Chudleigh has been bringing to AnalysingAgriculture for over 20 years


The world is entering a golden age for agriculture.  Don’t get left behind by the rapid changes currently taking place in agriculture around the world.

Analysing Agriculture has been providing independent agricultural analyses and reports to a growing number of agriculturalists for almost 20 years.  We explain the important trends in the world's agricultural economy keeping you ahead of your competitors.

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If you are looking for concise independent analyses and data on the major trends in the world or agriculture, AnalysingAgriculture.com has a subscription package for you.

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We produce a monthly newsletter along with a set of reports containing vital analyses of the Beef and Cattle Industry, the Wheat Industry and on any current issue facing Agriculture today in our Special Analyses and Reports.  Our data analyses is presented in excel spreadsheets in a clear easy to understand format.




AnalysingAgriculture.com's Flagship Monthly Newsletter is a high quality, well researched summary about current global agricultural trends - now in it's 21st year of production.  



Each edition provides: 

  • an in depth analysis of one of the major agricultural commodities; 
  • an overview of important economic aspects affecting agriculture; 
  • analysis of trends in the major agricultural commodities, accompanied by clear and meaningful commodity price charts and graphs; and,
  • a summary and analysis of western economic indicators.



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The free samples include:

  • Russian and Kazakhstan beef and cattle data analysis
  • The September 2008 and January 2009 issues of AnalysingAgriculture.com's flagship newsletter
  • Analysis of the current food crisis
  • Analysis of agriculture and the financial crisis


Make sure that you are in a position to capitalise on the coming boom by subscribing to the world's most relevant and concise source of agricultural economic analysis - Analysing Agriculture.