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Your interest in and understanding of structure and trends in world agriculture will be enhanced by becoming a member of the Analysing Agriculture Shop.


Shop Membership – Special

Access to Analysing Agriculture’s many detailed agricultural files, available on the Website, is now easy and cheap compared to buying files direct from the Shop.

Joining the “Special Analyses and Reports” membership will give you a Shop Membership and free access to all files currently located anywhere on the website except for the monthly newsletters. The files will all be downloadable from the list on the right of the "Special Analyses and Reports", "Wheat Industry Analyses" and "Beef and Cattle Industry Analyses" pages of the website. Except for the monthly newsletters, all current Shop files are available from here, plus many more not in the Shop. Membership of the Shop will also ensure you receive future updates by email over the next 12 months, saving you the need to login and download.


 The Website has a range of analyses and data on most of the main world agricultural commodities.

The trends in production, consumption, consumption per person, imports, exports, stocks and stocks as a % of annual use are included on a world basis as well as in key countries. These trends are identified with ample graphics and look at both short and longer term trends from a fundamental as well as technical viewpoint.

The Website files provide an unsurpassed source of data and graphics ideal for assisting in the preparation of presentations, assignments, research papers and agricultural reports as well as enhancing your knowledge of the structure of world agriculture.


The Website provides Excel files and .pdf files with up-to-date raw data analysed with graphics and comments on the trends. Commodities covered to varying degrees are wheat, coarse grains, canola, cotton, corn, beef & cattle, sheep meat and pig meat.


Although there are many more files available from the relevant specialist pages, you can view the current contents of the Shop here



Immediate access to existing files is obtained by becoming a Shop Member.

Once a member, each new or revised file will be sent to you as an email attachment saving you the need to log-in and download (although you can still do this from the list on the right of the relevant page).



You can become a Shop Member here for A$110/annum (includes GST) by subscribing to the “Special Analyses and Reports”.

Membership gives you access to download existing and future files.

In addition all new and revised files are sent to you as an email attachment.

Although you can purchase individual files from the shop if not a member, you cannot beat this offer for value.

This comprehensive source of agricultural information, analysed for your ease of comprehension, costs you less than a cup of coffee per week.

You cannot pass up this opportunity which will ensure your overall comprehension of world agriculture is second to none.